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Ecological crisis that has erupted in the society has created a need for radical paradigm shift. These shifts cannot be alluded with the tenets of capitalism. It is imperative that this paradigm shift needs to be from an anti-capitalist perspective. These are the main proponent ideologies that are fostered in the society. The anti-capitalism is showed to be a term that breaks away from the existing order of things. These are suggested to be the completely different alternative proposal. The notions of this theory start with the ideology that stems from rejection of the existing orders. These are used as a logical component to prevent the capital domination.
A number of grand narratives designating that are done to create a newer cohesive model to explain these issues. Anti-capitalism and ecology are two factors that are contemplated in this ideology. The tenets of economics and the rationality of implementing these ideologies cannot be fully adhered. These continue to exist in the society as narratives that explain the evil causes of capitalism. No real solution that is fostered and the radical shift in the agenda of production will not address the material needs of the people. It is showed that this creates a need for curbing climate change finding ways to prevent rampant ecological crisis (Hayden, 2014).
Changes need to be implemented in production, distribution and consumption. These are not simple jargons they require infrastructure costs, time and more awareness by the general public. In addition, these global capitalistic ideologies have many advantages and the people have started to implement these ideologies in every aspect of their lives. It is true that the capitalist logic and the roots of current methods of production are responsible for the ecological crisis. However, continual meeting of the private interest demands of the larger companies only create more issues than solutions. The tenets of the treadmill of production can be used to understand these ideologies from a more detailed perspective. This is explained below.


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