本文主要講英國的軟飲料工業市場,英國的軟飲料工業在政治上和法律上都有很好的代表性。有一個代表來自英國的軟飲料生產商的軟飲料協會。國際生產商和加盟商也可以通過購買會員資格來獲得這種政治法律支持。許多遊說活動,以支持該行業是由該協會進行,他們也與一些姐妹組織在歐洲的工作。例如,AJIN歐洲果汁協會、UNESDA歐洲飲料協會和EFBW歐洲瓶裝水聯合會是與英國協會有聯繫的一些協會(BSA, 2016)。因此,對於軟飲料開發商來說,存在著一個共同的政治和法律聲音。本篇assignment代寫文章由澳洲論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Soft drinks industry in the United Kingdom is well representation politically and legally. There is a soft drink association that stands to represent the different producers of soft drinks from the UK. International producers and franchisees can also buy membership to enter this political legal support. Many lobbying activities to support the industry are undertaken by this association and they also work with some sister organizations in Europe. For instance, the AJIN European Fruit Juice Association, the UNESDA European beverage Association and the EFBW European Federation of Bottled Waters are some of the associations linked with the UK association (BSA, 2016). A collective political and legal voice hence exists for the soft drink developers.
Much of the soft drink suppliers as of 2017-2018 have already worked on reformulating their existing drinks to appear healthier and have marketed their health based product responses. So, a new soft drink company should consider the form of competitive marketing that is present in the market already. Secondly, the issue that a new soft drink company must be wary of is the number of competitors in the existing UK soft drink market. The UK market is a well-established one with many major competitors such as Coco Cola having as much as 37 percent in the market. The presence of some of the better established competitors would mean that the market entry conditions could be high.
An almost strategically restricted market entry might exist for the soft drink company. A thorough market entry strategy is required here (Katz, 2015). The market entry strategy is a planned way to deliver goods and services to a new market. Successful market entry strategy will ensure that the seller is indeed able to sell his goods properly. On the other hand, when the market entry strategy is lacking, then the newer company might not have a proper foothold. Now in the case of the new soft drink company it is critical that they plan.Social trends show that consumers are becoming wary of having sugary drinks that have an impact on their health. So, there are issues to be addressed in the context of taxation, environmental trends, packaging and sustainability, consumer need for more information etc.