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托比叔叔是澳大利亚最受欢迎的早餐麦片公司之一。他们的产品包括早餐麦片、燕麦和零食。该公司于1893年开始生产。第一个燕麦产品是由Clifford Love和悉尼的公司带入市场的。该公司在新南威尔士州维多利亚州边界的瓦古尼亚设有生产部门。在澳大利亚淘金热时期,大量的移民涌向黄金发现之地,英国的伦纳德和乔治·帕森斯兄弟也来到了这里。他们开始在墨尔本生产约翰牛燕麦。1861年,他们成立了帕森斯兄弟公司,后来被称为托比斯叔叔。(我们的故事留言。)

2005年12月,托比叔叔的母公司伯恩斯·菲尔普将其与古德曼·菲尔德食品公司分离。2006年,通用磨坊(General Mills)和雀巢(Nestle)的合资企业“谷物伙伴全球公司”(CPW)收购了Uncle Tobys的品牌和生产部门。从那时起,像Milo和Cheerios等CPW品牌的产品就以Tobys叔叔的名义在澳大利亚销售。托比斯叔叔现在是雀巢在澳大利亚的谷物合作伙伴。



The importance of New Product Management has been time and again emphasized in the corporate world. Developing a new product or service which offers value addition to the consumers has the power to affect the balance sheet of the company. The new product or service can become a reason of success or the downfall for all the stakeholders. It is of paramount importance to understand the market trend and the consumer behaviour before launching a new product or service. While a product is in its early stages a consumer based research can bring more clarity about the success or failure of the product. This can give the management clarity to make the critical decisions regarding continuation of the new product. One of the most important concepts testing stage in the new product development life cycle is consumer based research. This can save a company any sorts of misguided investments. Therefore New Product Management ensures growth and profitability of the company. The innovativeness of the company also ensures overall growth of economy. (Porter, 1990).

A brief description of the organisation and the product or service you have chosen.

Uncle Tobys is one of the very popular breakfast cereal companies of Australia. Their product ranges from breakfast cereals, oats and snacks. The company started production in 1893. There first oats product was brought in the market by Clifford Love and Co in Sydney. The company has manufacturing unit in Wahgunyah, on the borders of New South Wales Victoria. During the era of gold rush in Australia, when huge number of immigrants were making way to the land of gold discoveries, two English brothers Leonard and George Parsons also came arrived here. They began their work in Melbourne by manufacturing John Bull Oats. Finally in 1861, they established their company names Parsons Bros, which later came to be known as Uncle Tobys. (Our Story n.d.)

In December 2005, Uncle Tobys parent company Burns Philp separated it from Goodman Fielder Food Company. A joint venture of General Mills and Nestle named Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) purchased Uncle Tobys Brand name and manufacturing unit in 2006. Since then the products under brands of CPW, like Milo and Cheerios are being sold under the name of Uncle Tobys in Australia. Uncle Tobys is now a Nestle operated cereal partner in Australia.

The new product chosen for the Uncle Tobys line of products is Gluten-Free ready-to-eat mini lunch meals. The latest diet fad of the new generation is the gluten-free products. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein present in triticale, wheat, barley and rye. The food manufactures from these grains also contains gluten, like malt. Oats are also not completely gluten-free, mainly because of their contamination with gluten containing grains. Market is quickly getting crowded with the gluten-free products. Cereals from Kellogg, Woolworths and other companies are already tapping in the new trend in health and dietary word. People suffering from coeliac disease are supposed to have a gluten-free diet. This involves restraining from all the gluten containing food products. Though the gluten-free breakfast cereals and snack bars are available in the market, the market of mini-meals that is apt for gluten avoiding consumers is still untapped. In this report it would try to analyse the idea and potential of new Gluten-Free ready-to-eat mini lunch meals for Uncle Tobys Company (AIS Sports Nutrition, 2009).

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