personal statement 代写:警察使用电子眩晕设备

personal statement 代写:警察使用电子眩晕设备

在过去的20年里,科技几乎占领了每一个领域,使得警察局可以使用更先进、更人性化的设备。电子武器以各种方式帮助警察,制造公司对这些武器有各种积极的主张(Hess, et al. 2014)。然而,一些批评者对这种设备的使用提出了异议,尤其是眩晕枪,因为它对心血管肌肉不好。警方认为,他们使用的较不致命的武器帮助他们处理更广泛的行动,通过获得罪犯(琼斯,2002)。在疑犯患有精神疾病或受毒品或酒精影响的精神疾病病例中,较不致命的武器是有益的。这一讨论将讨论较不致命的武器以及它们的缺点如何多于优点。


各种各样的威胁以疼痛的形式存在,并本能地从现场的设备中脱离出来。有时,疼痛是如此严重,它可以损害个人的肌肉。如果嫌疑人无罪,而警方只是根据一些嫌疑人来抓他或她,那该怎么办?这个人身体虚弱,无法抵抗压力和电击,进入了某种精神状态。该设备的另一个威胁是眩晕枪的部署。一旦该设备被打开,它就不能在压力下停止或控制。研究表明,电击枪也会因为电击的程度而对心脏造成伤害。一份出版物指出,使用ECD的人更容易患心脏病。电子眩晕装置引起心脏电捕获,有助于引发心脏骤停。这是由于室性心动过速引起的。心脏是人体最重要的器官之一,如果心脏受到损伤,它是无法替代的(McDonald, et al. 2009)。

研究表明,如果使用电子眩晕装置,这些机制与导致心律失常的主要原因有关。心脏健康对每个人来说都不一样。有些人有强壮的肌肉,有些人没有。电子眩晕装置可以在心脏停止跳动的时候,直到警方承认这一心脏衰竭,嫌疑人才可以失去他或她的生命。执法机构已经开始了解电子眩晕设备造成的损害。这就是为什么在大多数州使用电子眩晕枪会受到来自嫌疑人的极端威胁的原因。然而,在许多国家仍然使用这种装置,警察赞成使用这种装置(Jorgensson和Wessner, 2004)。

心脏是一个由两部分组成的泵,它的工作原理是:一部分是机械的,另一部分是电气的。当心脏的电部分受到某种电击时,就会发生心脏的机械挤压。这种震动会扰乱心脏肌肉并使其收缩。这种收缩会导致心力衰竭或心脏病发作。例子:如果一个人把手指放在电灯插座里,他们就会受到能收缩肌肉的电击,这是一个很好的例子,说明了电子电击设备对心脏肌肉的影响。声称该装置有益的警察应该被告知该装置对心脏的威胁。如前所述,心脏是人体的主要器官之一,这个器官非常敏感。警察或任何其他机构都无权对这个敏感的器官造成伤害(Jones, 2002)。

personal statement 代写:警察使用电子眩晕设备

In the last 20 year, technology has taken over almost every field and has allowed the police department to use more advanced and human friendly equipment. Weapons that are electronic have helped the police in various manners and manufacturing companies have various positive claims for these weapons (Hess, et al. 2014). However, some critics have argued over the use of this equipment especially stun gun because it is not very good for cardiovascular muscles. Police argues that the less lethal weapons used by them help them in dealing with wider range of operations by getting the convict (Jones, 2002). Less lethal weapons have served to be beneficial in the mental illness cases where suspect is mentally ill or under the influence of drug or alcohol. This discussion will deal with the less lethal weapons and how they have more disadvantages then their advantages.

Discussion over the use of electronic stun devices

Various threats are present in the form of pain and instinctually pulled away from the device at the site. At time the pain is so severe that it can damage the muscles of the individual. Example: what if the suspect is not guilty and police is only catching him or her on the basis of some suspect. This individual was weak and could not resist the pressure and electric shock and goes into some mental condition. Another threat of this device is the deployment of the stun gun. Once this device is opened it cannot be stopped or controlled under stress. Studies have suggested that stun gun can also cause harm to the heart because of the level of electric shock. One publication indicated that people who had ECD been used on them were more vulnerable to the heart attacks. Electronic stun device causes the cardiac electric capture that helps in provoking the cardiac arrest. This is due to the ventricular tachycardia fibrillation. Heart is one of the most important organs of the body and if this is damaged it cannot be replaced (McDonald, et al. 2009).

Studies have indicated that the mechanisms are involved in the leading abnormal cardiac rhythms if electronic stun device is used on them. Heart health is not the same for every individual. Some people have strong muscles and some have not. Electronic stun device can stop the heart to beat at the time and until police will acknowledge this heart failure, suspect can lose his or her life. Law enforcement agencies have started to understand the damage caused by electronic stun devices. This is the reason why in most states the use of electronic stun gun is subject to extreme threat from the suspect. However, still in many countries this device is used and police favors the use of this device (Jorgensson and Wessner, 2004).

Heart is a two part pump that works on the basis of: one part is mechanical and the other part is electrical. Mechanical squeeze of the heart happens when the electric part of the heart receives some sort of shock. This shock disturbs the muscles of the heart and contracts them. This contraction leads to heart failure or heart attack. Example: if an individual puts their finger in the light socket they receive an electric shock that can contract their muscles and this is a great example of explaining what an electronic stun device can do to the muscles of the heart. Police officers claiming the benefits of this device should be told the threats of this device on the heart. As explained earlier, heart is one of the main organs of the human body and this organ is very sensitive. Police or any other agency has no right to cause harm to this sensitive organ (Jones, 2002).