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本文主要讲述的是纹身个性化的原因,其中提到的一些动机是参与者对其他人纹身动机的印象。这本质上意味着参与者可以与某人谈论他们画纹身的原因,或者可能已经推断出纹身的含义。一些观察结果比其他的更有意义,比如名人的纹身和某人兄弟的纹身。因此,纹身的参与者并没有详细说明这些动机,而是引用了其他人的看法。本篇personal statement 代写文章由澳洲论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Some of the motivations mentioned are impression of the participants with respect to the tattoo motivation of the others. This essentially means that the participants could have spoken with somebody regarding the reason that they had drawn tattoo or may have made inference about the meaning of the tattoo. There is greater significance of some observations compared to others, such as, tattoos of celebrity versus tattoos of someone’s brother. Therefore, the tattooed participants did not detail these motivations, but have cited the others’ perception.
There is complexity involved in the motivation of the tattoos, which is often with detailing of over one motivation (Hebdige, 1979). There are some tattoos and motivations that found mentions by the same participants repeatedly across the focus group. The reason for this can be the participants and the stated motivations with the participants possessing few or just one tattoo.
A common reason in obtaining tattoos had been the individualized motivations. Participants talked about the reasons that has been individualized for obtaining tattoos. Emily’s description regarding this: “I find it quite good to carry tattoos with me”. Joan noted, “I always make sure of standing for things I find important.” Kathy said that television shows led to the tattoos’ motivations. She said, “The television shows feature various kinds of people and celebrity’s using tattoos. It gives an idea what kind tattoos are trendy”. Diana completely agrees to what Kathy said. Jennifer said, “I should be true to myself. I tattoo what I can carry with my personality”. Chang, endorses the point saying, “I want more…….more of expressions……..I tattoo what my soul agrees….I makes me feel awfully good……and it means a lot to me. This is my individuality and my expression.”
There has been detailed mentioning by the participants of the focus groups with regards to the wide range personal interests leading them to getting tattoos. The fact that the participants of the focus groups had been obtaining tattoos for particular interests, actually unified them as a group. It does not matter that interests could have been disparate. Nichole stated, “I have got the idea from the movie, Lord of the Rings……..I simply love this movie……I have spotted a website telling you the meaning….which is what would tell about the meaning Elvish……and I tattooed it on my right arm”. Diana, in this context, said, “I tattooed in hip…..the quote of the Lord of the Rings…..the fact that I am very fond of the Lord of the Rings……made me tattoo in combination. I loved the script….it has some uniqueness in it……’s just some selected script for the Rings that I tattooed on my hips…..and I love it” (laughs).
Kathy and Melisa both tattooed the picture of turtle. Melisa’s answer was simple, “I tattooed turtles because of my liking for turtles……Uh……that’s the only reason”. (Laughs). Kathy said, “I tattooed turtles as I have a collection of turtles…..I have few of them, although I cannot remember who gave me the first one.”


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