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在当今这一代人的心目中,压力是最常见的流行病之一。根据最新的研究,压力比癌症或任何其他致命疾病致死的人都多(Khanka, 2009)。该研究还表明,87%的人患有严重的压力症状,这些人是那些正在工作或正在工作的人,尤其是在企业界(Brough et al . 2009)。在全球化达到顶峰的时候,一些行业开始在世界各地涌现,为这次全球繁荣创造了机会。机会成倍增加,包括各部门的就业机会。因此,当这些行业随着时间的推移而增长时,它们对生产率的需求也随之增长。因此,当消费者-客户世界的需求增加时,就会导致对劳动力的剥削,或者特别是服务于某个行业的边缘劳动力的剥削(Brough et al . 2009)。

明智的理解是,不仅是增长带来了劳动力的剥削,甚至是行业内外的竞争。这种剥削不仅在身体上,而且在精神上。因此,这些劳动力剥削的因素成为推动大约69%的劳动力处于慢性压力水平的关键原因(Allen, 2011)。作为一种抑制工作或工作场所慢性压力的刺激,41%的员工沉溺于不健康的习惯,包括吸烟、喝酒,甚至吸食其他种类的麻醉剂(Allen, 2011)。今天,许多新的研究指出了组织工作中的压力因素,这些因素比之前认为的要严重得多。这些工作环境正导致一大批员工患上心脏病、高血压和其他压力性疾病。在美国,尤其是在华尔街,与心脏相关的疾病的报告比美国任何其他工业部门都多;此外,最近在这些场所还报告了许多心脏骤停病例。在评估这些人的历史时,我们发现他们经历了很长一段时间的压力,以保持家庭和工作的平衡;同样重要的是,要注意的是,这些员工所在的组织较少沉溺于对员工的压力管理(Furnham, 2010)。


One of the most common epidemics in the mind of today’s generation is stress. According to the latest study, stress kills more people than cancer or any other deadly diseases (Khanka, 2009). The study also suggests that 87% of the people who are suffering from severe symptoms of stress are those who are working or doing a job, especially in the corporate world (Brough et al 2009). The time when globalization hit its mark, several industries started sprouting out around the world rooting this very chance of this global-boom. Opportunities multiplied, and that includes jobs in various sectors. So when these industries grew in the course of time, their demand for productivity also increased with it. So when the demand in the consumer-client world increased, it led to the exploitation of the working-force, or the force that are under the perimeter of serving an industry in particular (Brough et al 2009).

It is also wise to understand that it is not only the growth that bought forth this workforce exploitation, it is even the competition which involved in and out of the industry. This exploitation is not only in the terms of physical, but mental too. Hence, these factors of workforce exploitation became the pivotal reason that pushes approximately 69% of those work forces to a level of chronic stress (Allen, 2011). As a stimulus to suppress their chronic stress in job or work places, 41% of these individuals within this workforce indulge in unhealthy habits involving smoking, drinking even doing other sorts of narcotics (Allen, 2011). Today, numerous new studies have emerged in pointing out the stress factors in jobs under organizations which are far worse than it was earlier thought. These workplace environments are leading a population of workforce into heart diseases, hypertension and other stress disorders. In United States, especially in the Wall Street, more heart related diseases are reported than any other industrial sectors of the country; also there are many cases of cardiac-arrest reported in recent times within these premises. While assessing these individual’s history, it is proved that they were going through a prolonged period of stress in order to keep their family as well as job in balance; also it is important to notice the organization in which those individuals were working have less indulged in the stress management for their employees (Furnham, 2010).

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