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澳洲论文通 ASSIGNMENT PASS - 论文代写以独特的澳洲论文代写.澳洲essay代写和assignment代写专业服务理念,尝试创新的代写形式赢得了澳洲留学生的口碑.我们代写团队对于代写论文采取多样化的手段.做到了代写论文的原创性和对论文抄袭的杜绝.


本文主要讲教学与实践,回顾过去,我觉得作为一名教师,个人成长是存在的。这种实践使学习从一个更全面的角度发生。有些学习内容只能从实践中学习。有学习发生在文本内容之外,这有助于理解与教学相关的缺点。需要了解的弱点是,在主题材料的开发过程中应该有更多的把握。从个人的角度来看,这是一个很好的第一次尝试,需要在教学过程中学习更多。本篇swot analysis 代写文章由澳洲论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

On retrospection, it is felt there was personal growth as a teacher. This practicum enabled learning to occur from a more holistic perspective. Some of the learning content can be learnt only from practices. There was learning occurring beyond the textual content this enabled in understanding the shortcomings that are associated with the teaching. The weakness that needs to be learnt was that there should be more grasp in the developing of the subject material. From a personal standpoint, it was felt that it was a good first effort and lot more needs to be learnt in the teaching process.
Fundamentally, three kinds of activities were organized. The first game was the running dictation game. It was mixed with pictures and description. This was to enable the people to learn the content and to connect with the culture. The super visor stated that time game enabled the students to connect the language with the descriptive content and this aided in the wholesome development of the student learning of the language (Breen and Rottman, 2014). From personal observation, it was found that the students enjoyed this form of communication. The limitation with the running dictation is the content should be designed based on the knowledge of the student. If the student feels a particular content does not challenge or if they feel that the content is too difficult. There should be development of complacency in the learning process or it could lead to the development of innate fear of the language.
The second was the building of the vocabulary. the students were requested to read the content. Some words were difficult to pronounce such as the word “allergic”, It was found that the students interaction enabled them to grasp the concept related with allergy and there was the use of digital resources such as the iPad for the students to learn the content. At the end of the teaching, sessions were the use of the video. In this there was the need for the students to be passive audiences. Supervisors perception was that it did not aid in the development of the linguistic skills of the student. The important learning that was made from this process was that the learning of vocabulary is important along with understanding of how the words are pronounced in the Australian dialect of English. The language English has become ubiquitous owing to which the language also changes in the local communities and accents. Its imperative to have a working knowledge about the local language to create a construct that would be helpful for all the stakeholders to learn the language.


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