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本文主要讲的是社会学习理论,社会学习理论认为,人们通过观察他人的行为来学习,行为的结果就在这些相互作用中。研究表明,大多数人类行为是习得行为(Ertmer & Newby, 1993)。他们认为这些行为是由人类的互动或反应形成的。它们是编码信息,作为人们行动的差别指南。社会学习理论可以用来解释人类行为及其与持续交互作用的关系。这些都受到人们行为、认知和环境的影响。为了达到有效建模的必要条件,如果需要某些重要的变量,本课程中所做的这些努力将在下面详细介绍。本篇swot analysis 代写文章由澳洲论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Social learning theory states that the people learn from observing others’ behaviour and the behavioural outcomes are on these interactions. It is showed that most of the human behaviours are learned behaviours (Ertmer & Newby, 1993). They conceive by the ideas that these behaviours are forged from the human interaction or reactions. They are coded information that serves as the differential guides that is used for the action of the people. The social learning theory can be alluded to explain about the human behaviours and their relation with the continuous reciprocal interaction. These are influenced by the behavioural, cognitive and environmental influences of the people. In order to achieve the requisite condition for the effective modelling, if the need for certain important variables, these efforts that were taken in the class have been detailed in the following.
Attention — to include the attention of the students, distinctiveness, sensory attention and the past reinforcements that come into play. To gain the attention of the student, the effort that was taken was to use voice modulations, charts and a number of visual elements to connect with the people (Churchill et al., 2013).
Retention — this is the act of retaining the information about the different aspect that is taught. For increase in the retention of the students, the use of their native language was used. This was to ensure that symbolic coding with the English languages. In the teachings there is a repetition of the information that was done in the classroom, this was to increase the motor rehearsal and ensure that the students were able to retain the information which was collated.
Reproduction — this factor is the aspect of reproducing the content that is taught in the class. For this process, a number of tests conducted along with motivation for the people (Breen, 2014).
Motivation- the motivating factors that were used in the classroom were to learn about another culture, which would also give business profits to the students. It has promised motivations such as future development and vicarious modelling that was used. The vicarious modelling is based on the reinforced model. The students were made to understand the benefits that their predecessors have been able to garner with the learning of the English.


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