本文主要讲的是街头抽象艺术的兴起,有一种新的混合索引技术,基本上包括单色或双色。有许多不重叠的块,形成了最终的设计形状。它利用了图像中单色均匀块的直方图概念,HUCUB (Nezamabadi-pour & Kabir 2004)。有抽象主义的元素和空间,让观众与内容相关。Kello Goeller在像素灌注设计中使用了这个概念。本篇代写价格文章由澳洲论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

There has been a new hybrid indexing technique that basically comprises of uni-colour or bicolour. There are a number of non-overlapping blocks of pieces that forms the final design shape. It utilizes the concept of histogram of uni-colour uniform blocks of the image, HUCUB (Nezamabadi-pour & Kabir 2004). There are elements of abstractionism and space for the viewer to relate to the content. Kello Goeller has used this concept in the Pixel pour design.
In the design shown above it can be seen that pixels are poured from a black faucet. It is a street art design. The colour palette is found to be a mixture of blue hues. They are arranged in a manner that creates the illusion of pixels being poured out. It creates the allusion of hybrid reality. This is a contemporary take on the pixel art. It has essentially transcended the concept of modern day graphic representation in contemporary software into applied arts (Steph 2015). This notion makes the pixel art truly unique and innovative. This artwork has essentially reduced the space between virtual reality aspects of pixel art into applied arts. It has brought abstractionist art forms into the modern day streets.
These art forms have used various modalities to express the design. It is minimalistic in perception but the colouring of the blocks and the hues representation shows the depth of the individual pixel blocks (Steph 2015). There is a lot of retrospection that can be done by viewing this art form. This street art has been found in the streets of NYC. It essentially was created to reduce the monotony in streets.
This pixel pour concept in this design has a 3 dimensional take on the pixel art forms. Initial construction of the pixel pour design was removed as it was considered to be graffiti polluting the street views. But artists across the spectrum appreciate the thought of presenting art form that is different from the normative art forms that are created. It is a street art but it explains to the people that art can be effectively amalgamated in any form. There are multiple aspects to this design. This modernity of its portrayal also essays the bustling NYC city.



本文主要讲金融问题,本文确定了几个关键的金融方面和问题,一直统治金融领域多年。本文参考英国目前的市场状况,对Fama在1970年和1991年提出的有效市场假说进行了探讨。这篇论文提出了投资组合经理持有资产国际化背后的想法(Fabozzi and Peterson Drake, 2009)。投资组合经理持股的内部化旨在管理与投资相关的风险。本文对行为金融学所面临的挑战进行了评估和识别,并对哈里•马科维茨的现代投资组合理论进行了探讨,以解决投资组合经理实现收益最大化和降低风险的问题。本篇澳洲市场营销论文代写文章由澳洲论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The paper has identified several key financial aspects and issues that have been ruling the area of finance for several years. In this paper, the Efficient Market Hypothesis developed by Fama in 1970 and 1991 has been explored with reference to the present market conditions in the UK. The paper has presented the idea behind the internationalization of the holdings of portfolio managers (Fabozzi and Peterson Drake, 2009). The internalization of holdings of portfolio managers has been aimed to manage the risk associated with the investments. This paper evaluated and identified the challenges faced by Behavioral finance and lastly, the Modern Portfolio Theory by Harry Markowitz has been explored to address the way in which the portfolio managers are able to maximize their returns and mitigate risk.
This is the efficient frontier in which the set of the efficient portfolio is considered to yield the highest return at the lowest possible risk. This is the phenomenon through which the portfolio managers are able to maximize the returns and thereby mitigate risks.
It can be concluded that it is the 1991 version of Fama’s EMH that is found suitable for the market conditions in the UK as the market represents the weak form efficient and follows the random walk model. On the other hand, investigation and examination on the internationalization of the holdings of the portfolio managers reveal that it is appropriate and a positive step towards risk management. As far as the behavioral finance is concerned, some challenges such as individual analysis, limited predicted power and contradictory implications have suggested that it is quite different from the modern perspectives of finance. Lastly, the MPT by Harry Markowitz has suggested that portfolio managers are able to maximize the returns and mitigate the risk.



本文主要講的是愛德華·韋斯頓的成就,他在墨西哥文藝復興中也佔有重要的地位,他的攝影作品具有當時其他藝術家所沒有的內在品質。他的風格變化在墨西哥得到了驗證,因為他相信攝像機應該捕捉生活,“呈現事物本身的本質和精髓,無論是拋光的鋼材還是顫動的肉體”(Becker 2017, 14)。他的一些重要的作品是奧林,瓜達盧佩馬林里韋拉,和曼紐爾埃爾南德斯加爾萬。本篇代寫論文費用文章由澳洲論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

He also had a significant place in the Mexican Renaissance and his photography had inherent qualities that are not present in any other artist of that era. His change of style was validated in Mexico, as he believed that camera should capture the life, “for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it is polished steel or palpitating flesh” (Becker 2017, 14). Some of the significant examples of his work are Olin, Guadalupe Marin de Rivera, and Manuel Hernandez Galvan.
Moreover, Weston has admired the Mexican advent-garde and his work has been significant for the politics of 1930’s. This represents that Weston had great importance for cultural heritage in his work, which was transformed by his experience in Mexico (Urrutia 2015). He had developed the modern aesthetics. In addition, he had associated his modern art with social vision. One of the important attributes of the Weston’s Mexican Portraits is that they were straight forward. His Mexican portraits display that he had the ability to capture the essence of whomever he photographed and this is how he significantly contributed to cultural heritage or narrated the Mexico’s nationalism (Urrutia 2015).
Edward Weston has been the most influential and recognized photographer of America. He is also considered as the most influential person, who encouraged people to view photography as the form of art. The photographers, who have represented his style, are considered to be the part of Modernism. Therefore, it would not be wrong to call him the part of modernist art and the photographer who represented modernism through his work. The work of Weston is mainly called as “straight photography”. This paper focused on discussing the style and work of Weston and representation of sexuality, gender and cultural heritage in his portraits. Paper concludes that his photography is called as straight forward, because the artist did not used any effects to change image, but he displayed all elements in natural, clear and pure manner. Therefore, he is praised as an important and most influential photographer of America.


本文主要講的是自我的批判性反思,在這方面,權變理論對全球領導者很重要(Anievas, 2016)。我意識到有兩種方式可以鍛煉我的領導風格,第一種是作為任務激勵者,第二種是作為關係激勵者。然而,由於情況緊急,我更願意成為一名任務激勵者,因此,在同事的充分合作下,我能夠負責任地完成任務。我發現的優勢之一是委派任務來完成一個國際項目。我發現的缺點之一是缺乏時間管理技能,這妨礙了我評估不同國家時區的能力。本篇論文代筆價錢文章由澳洲論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

In this regards, contingency theory is important for global leaders (Anievas, 2016). I realized that there are two ways in which I can exercise my leadership style, first as a task motivator and second as a relationship motivator. However, based on the urgency of the situation, I preferred to be a task motivator and thus, I was able to responsibly complete the task with the full cooperation of my fellow colleagues. One of the strengths that I identified is delegating tasks for the accomplishment of an international project. One of the weaknesses that I identified is the lack of time management skills which hindered my ability to assess the time zone of different countries.
For international projects, it is important to have a time planner of the countries for which I work. Failing to do so, I was unable to deliver a task within a specified international deadline. Based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, I have found myself to be The Idealist with INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving) as the indicator (Online personality tests, 2017). Some of the strengths that I identified based on the personality test are loyalty, sensitivity, strong written communication skills, values relationships and focus on the greater perspectives of business.
Being an introvert, I continue to face the face-negotiation problem and lack of displaying energy in case of social situations. However, I possess sound decision-making skills as I am open to options and often decisions are made based on circumstances and not on theoretical aspects. As I have never been to international locations to practically execute tasks in international settings, I lack in overseas experience and thereby hindering my ability to be an international manager. With less overseas experience, I have little learning on how international business is done in different contexts.


本文主要講電影《穿普拉達的女魔頭》的分析與評價,導演大衛·弗蘭克爾的電影《穿普拉達的女魔頭》與現實生活息息相關,它定義了人類生活中領導品質的必要性。要成為一個領導者,必須要有廣泛的思考,有自己的激情(Pinnock, 2010)。米蘭達·普利斯特利有積極和廣闊的思考能力。她可以在沒有任何人幫助的情況下應付任何尷尬的局面。她掌控著自己的生意、丈夫和孩子。在那部電影中,她很好地平衡了自己的個人生活和職業生活。本篇論文代寫價格文章由澳洲論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The film of director David Frankel The Devil Wears Prada is interrelated to the real life which defines the necessity of the leadership qualities in human’s life. To be a leader, it is necessary to think widely and follow an own passion (Pinnock, 2010). Miranda Priestly had the ability to think positive and wide. She can manage any awkward situations without anybody’s help. She controls her business and her husband and children. In that film, she balanced her personal and professional life very neatly.
She was not a happy person in her personal life still she had continued her business very successfully. She had many opponent groups in her company, but she had many supporters, too. She was a terror to everyone in her office, but everyone respects her and loves her. She had all the decision making qualities, good sense of humour and patience. She was completely satisfied with her profession and can go to any extent for the success of her business(Justin, 2016). She was punctuated and one of the perfectionist persons in the fashion world. On the other hand, her assistant Andrea was unfashionable, shaky, confused and dependable personality. She does not know how to manage all the situations. She always mixes up her personal and professional life; even she did not attempt to follow her dream passion which was journalism.
Because of all the above reason, Miranda was the boss, and Andrea was just an employee. In fact, Miranda personally likes Andrea very much and also wanted to see her happy in her field, and finally when she found Andrea satisfied with her dream work, then she was happy. Not only for Andrea, she was equally concern about all of her employees and all of her employees also support her in any aspects. There are many similarities between a leader of real life and Miranda because the true leaders are just like her. They always support their subordinates and confident just like Miranda. Miranda was an intelligent and motivating like real life leaders (Owen, 2012). In reality, leadership means interpersonal and intrapersonal factor which includes the traits, emotions, action and the strategies. According to the film, the central character Miranda had all the above issues. Just like the film to be successful, it is necessary to have all the above-mentioned key factors.