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这个问题的答案很简单——企业有能力做,也有道德行为(Handy, 2012)。大多数企业将道德行为视为公司的长期战略重点。尽管这种道德行为不会给他们金钱上的回报,也不会因为他们不遵守而惩罚他们,但它仍然给了他们机会来证明他们的业务是有价值的。从长远来看,展示诚信行为是十分重要的,因为它能增加企业的竞争优势,并显示出企业的诚信相对于其他企业的独特性。


从文献上看,大多数研究都热衷于理解良好的道德规范与良好的企业绩效之间的关系。事实证明,家得宝(Home Depot)、李维斯(Levi Strauss)、美体小铺(Body Shop)和巴塔哥尼亚(Patagonia)等公司一直在盈利,它们也有良好的道德操守的悠久历史(Handy, 2012)。然而,其他研究也清楚地表明,即使是在股市上,企业也表现出了社会责任,这是它们盈利的原因。到目前为止,还没有研究表明这两个变量之间存在负相关关系。

除了文献资料,在商业战略方面,道德行为的优势还可以通过其他方式被证明是有益的。商业被认为是一种合作活动,它需要成员之间的信任、履行承诺、遵守道德标准和自我利益。当其中任何一个失败时,业务将自动崩溃。一个明显的例子是,特别是在黎巴嫩和阿富汗等饱受战争蹂躏地区的商业长期崩溃,以及布宜诺斯艾利斯或洛杉矶的商业波动。这种波动主要是因为不信任、骚乱、政治不确定性(Handy, 2012)。

每当一个企业企图谋利时,它就必须采取理性的行动。这种理性的兴趣会自动地影响和指导一个人的每一项活动。无论期限的性质如何,理性的活动消耗了过多的成本,却反过来帮助企业实现了高额的利润。商业是关于健康的关系和声誉,不道德的商业是完全禁止的。如果一个企业决定从自己的员工或任何利益相关者(客户或供应商)那里获取利益,它将自动导致负面后果和公司的倒闭,因为利益相关者不会表现出任何利益。这显然意味着,只有当企业表现出道德利益和行为时,才能建立良好的关系。所有的利益相关者都关注公司的道德知识和遵守。从这个例子中还可以明显看出,一个企业的声誉取决于它的行为。互联网资源是解释良好和不良企业行为差异的好例子(Handy, 2012)。大多数人更愿意选择支持公平正义的企业,因此,这些企业有机会获得良好的利润,也在市场上获得竞争优势。


There is a saying that business ethics is actually a contradiction. This contradiction is observed in terms of morality and the profit pursuit involved. Eventually, when a company is encouraged to choose between the two, they would automatically go for profit than morality. The point here is – Is it possible to do a good business while still playing an ethical role?

The answer to this question is simple – businesses have the abilities to do and also act ethically (Handy, 2012). Majority of the businesses regard ethical behaviour as a long term strategic point for the company. Though this ethical behaviour does not pay them monetarily or punish them for not following so, it still gives them the chance to prove that their business is valuable. On a long term basis, it is always essential to display ethical behaviour as it adds competitive advantage to the business and presents the uniqueness of the ethical business over the other.


Taking the literature, most of the studies have become keen to understand the relationship between good ethics and also good corporate performance. Companies such as Home Depot, Levi Strauss, Body Shop, Patagonia have proved to be consistently profitable and they also have produce longstanding history of good ethical conduct (Handy, 2012). However, other studies have also clearly showed that businesses have displayed social responsibility even on the stock market and that is the reason for them to turn profitable. So far, no study has given a negative correlation between the two variables.

In addition to literary sources, there are other ways by which advantages of ethical conduct on business strategy can prove to be beneficial. Business is regarded as a cooperative activity where it calls for trust, fulfilment of promises, adherence to ethical standards and self interest among members. When any of these fail, the business will automatically collapse. A clear example is the long term breakdown of business specifically in war torn areas such as Lebanon and Afghanistan and also the business fluctuation in Buenos Aires or Los Angeles. This fluctuation mainly occurred because of distrust, riot, political uncertainty (Handy, 2012).

Whenever a business attempts to seek profit, it has to act rationally. This rational interest will automatically influence and instruct a person in every activity. Despite of the nature of term, rational activities consume excess costs but in turn, help the business achieve high profits. Business is all about healthy relationships and reputation where unethical business is completely prohibited. If a business decides to gain advantage of its own employees or any of the stakeholders (customers or suppliers), it will automatically lead to negative consequences and closure of company as stakeholders would show no interests. This clearly implies that good relationships can be established by a business only when ethical interests and behavior are displayed. All the stakeholders are focused on the firm’s ethical knowledge and adherence. It is also evident from this example that a business’s reputation lies in its behaviour. Internet sources have been good examples to explain the differences in good and bad corporate conduct (Handy, 2012). Majority of the people prefer to go with businesses that support justice and fairness and hence, these companies have the chances to make good profits and also earn competitive advantage in the market.

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