In order to analyze the impact of Korean wave as a soft power, it is important to know and understand four basic questions. The very first of the question is what has been the motivation of the people in different parts of the world to watch K-dramas. Another question is to understand how K dramas act as a soft power, and what different aspects of soft power that can be found in Korean wave. Another question is to analyze what are the aspects of soft power which can be identified in Korean wave. Study of the different implications of soft power can be used in the study of Korean wave. In order to study the impact of Korean wave as a soft power in a number of countries, it is important to understand the subject.
In this research paper, the study has been conducted on the ramification of the pop culture in the world. From the findings of the research, it can be found that people of different nations have a positive viewpoint about the Korean Wave as a cultural diplomatic soft power. There have been a large number of aspects of Korean culture including the pop culture, the music, the food, language, history and the politics which have appealed largely to the people. From the research, it can be found that the spread of the Korean pop culture in the number of nations leads to a better understating of the attitude of the people towards the nation and its people. If the Korean wave is looked on a closer note, it can be concluded that soft power is a key for a nation to win its peace on the international basis.
Korea is a soft power at the international level and it has some soft resources. Some of the noticeable soft resources which can be implemented by Korea include the experience of Korea to do the modernization in a successful manner in a very short time interval. One of the soft resources of Korea is the human resources which are used in a number of parts of Eastern Asia. Another important thing to note is how Korea uses its soft power for the development of a large number of strategies.