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Key activities: The Company will procure its material from private label brands clothing and high profile branded manufacturers which deal in women fashion. The company will sell through product display and sales representative in the store. The company has marketing plans to advertise and promote the newly opened store in fashionable women apparel.The advertisements were done through print media such as magazines, newspapers, and also social community sites. With the help of above promotional activities, the management will be able to execute the firm’s value proposition in the best possible way.
Key Resources: The resources of the Pink Dresser are the sale of women’s clothing through the channels of shops, online and design agencies. These resources would help the company to suffice to the needs of the customers.
Key Partners: The key partners of Pink Dresser are the factories in Australia, Textile producers, clothing brand manufacturers and the shopping malls and e-Commerce.
Revenue Structure: The revenue structure of Pink dresser is generated from the retail sale of products and other merchandise. The company will generate sale volume by generating demand for products in the market which will be helpful in increasing the revenue of the beauties and also generate cash and make a profit.
Cost structure: The cost of the structure will depend on the asset and inventories at the starts up week. The starts up cost are estimated to be $47200, including the start-up inventory. The cost structure will also include furniture, assemblies, land purchasing and consultancy services for documentation and legal task (Ghal and Lee, 2016).
The size of Australian retail market in fashionable clothing is $28.5 billion in the domestic market. The annual retails sales accounted to be $21 billion which includes textile, clothing, footwear manufacturing (Researchomatic, 2017). The industry revenue is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 3.9% for the next five years since 2016-2017.
The growth rate of the industry is expected to rise by 3.9% in the next five years. This figure shows positive sales value in clothing retail sector, causing trends to be the key driver in increasing sales in different categories (Ibisworld, 2017). The growing polarity and improving economic conditions have enabled the Australian fashion market to support the industry’s revenue growth and earnings in the upcoming years.


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