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本文主要講孕期需要做的準備,在32週的時間裡,簡經歷了規律的、強烈的宮縮,而在急診部就診被視為早產(GP聯絡單位,2014年)。考慮到早產的臨床表現,這些包括血性表現、宮頸粘液塞脫落、可能破裂的胎膜、宮頸抹除和擴張、子宮節律性收縮、陰道壓力、恥骨上壓力和下背部疼痛。從護理管理的角度出發,需要對母親的病情進行評估,對分娩的體徵進行評估。這將涉及獲得一些證據,以考慮各種條件(南澳大利亞政府,2016)。本篇essay 代寫文章由澳洲論文通AssignmentPass輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

At a period of 32 weeks, Jane has been experiencing regular, strong contractions, while attending the department of emergency is considered as the preterm labour (GP Liaison Unit, 2014). Considering the clinical manifestations of preterm labour, these include bloody show, expulsed cervical mucus plug, possibly ruptured membranes, cervical effacement and dilation, rhythmic uterine contractions, vaginal pressure, suprapubic pressure, and lower back pain. The perspective from management of nursing is crucial requiring an assessment about the condition of mother and the evaluation of signs of labor. This will involve obtaining a number of evidences for the consideration of various conditions (Government of South Australia, 2016).
It is also the responsibility of the nurse for evaluating the fetus for maturity, size and distress. This further involves the performance of measures for managing or stopping preterm labour. There must be placement of client on bed rest within the side laid position and the preparation of possible tocolytic drug therapy, amniocentesis, and steroid therapy. There is a crucial requirement for administering the prescription of tocolytic medications, while assessing the side effects of specific therapies applied (Commonwealth of Australia, 2011). There has to be provision of emotional and physical support, providing appropriate hydration. In addition, there has to be a provision of family and client information.
The period of postpartum is duration of immense change for the mother along with her family members. Expectations and roles tend to be shifting as families make adjustment in their new addition, while women establish themselves as mothers. At times known as attachment, bonding between the infants and the mothers is influenced by a number of factors that include birth experiences, cultural factors, support systems, role models, family history, and socioeconomic status (Department of Obstetric and Gynaecology, 2011). There is encouragement of nurses for considering a number of variables in the assessment of attachment process among the infants and the mothers. It also becomes significant to consider that women end up showing attachment behaviours not only in the duration of postpartum but also in the duration of pregnancy.

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