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本文主要讲述的是音乐对姑息治疗患者生活质量产生积极影响的方式,开展这项研究的目的是确定音乐对姑息治疗患者的生活质量产生积极影响的方式。Find:本研究纳入的研究对象为102例患者(Salehi et al., 2016)。随机分为A组和B组,A组接受音乐治疗,B组为对照组。研究人员测量了患者在手术前后的焦虑程度。被考虑的两个测试是Spielberger状态-特质焦虑量表和另一个测试是Beck抑郁量表。本篇ps代写文章由澳洲论文通AssignmentPass辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The reason for undertaking this research was to determined the ways in which the music had a positive impact on quality of life of the people in palliative care. Find :In this study, the number of participants that were considered were 102 patients (Salehi et al., 2016). These were randomly assigned to two groups of A and B. The A group received musical treatment and the B group was the control group. The level of anxiety of the people was measured before and after the procedure. The two tests that were considered were Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and the other test that was taken is Beck Depression Inventory tests.
Both the groups were measured using these tests for a period of 2 weeks before and after treatment. There was a very small difference observed in the anxiety levels between the two groups. This showcased that there could be potential impact of the music therapy. However, the research did not conclude stating music therapy had positive impact. There were no real deductions made. The research concluded by stating that more research needed to be made to draw any conclusions.
Appraise:The advantage of this research was that it had used a number of statistical analyses and undertaken a systematic review of the participant data. However, the issue with this research was that there were no real conclusions that were drawn. This is similar to the past research (Wong, Reddy, and Abdi, 2016). This ambiguity in the research findings poses as limitations for this research. There are some benefits that outweigh the limitation of this research.
Synthesis :It was deduced in this research that the potential to improve the quality of life was found. However it concludes by stating more research is needed to achieve the exact results. In contrary to this research, another research stated reduction in tangible pain of the patients. This is explained in the section below.


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