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今天讨论的话题是Zara的独特做法。他们的供应链活动在市场上有着独特的地位,是其他时尚品牌无法效仿的。本讨论也将考虑一些关键的活动,并将它们与本课程所讨论的理论框架联系起来。Zara由阿曼西奥·奥尔特加(Amancio Ortega)于1975年创立,从公司的背景出发,开设这家店的主要目的是了解商品市场(Aayer and Odeegard, 2008)。Zara的速度和反应力是其独特的地位和魅力所在。其他时尚品牌在其他方面可以做得更好,但Zara的速度是最好的(Black, 2008)。按照这些做法,Zara在86多个国家开设了6100多家门店,其中包括其发源地西班牙(Athukorala, 2010)。



Zara有一个有效的和反应灵敏的供应链系统,帮助及时提供时尚和流行的商品。这就是为什么just in time库存管理被命名为Zara的原因。诀窍在于大部分的制作工作都在公司内部进行,这样他们就可以控制制作和时间(洛佩兹和范冰冰,2009)。Zara 85%以上的生产是由Zara自己的工厂完成的。公司依靠总部的设计,包括面料采购、裁剪、缝纫和其他设施等元素(Male, 2003)。Zara给员工支付的工资很高,这也是Zara能够留住员工的原因。当某一种设计受到关注时,Zara就会看设计,并尽快采取适当的行动,这样他们就可以开始裁剪和面料,并把它们送到商店。Zara有额外的空间来帮助快速响应顾客不断变化的需求,然后提供他们想要的(Cruz Iglesias, 2013)。Zara运营4 – 5个工作日,然后提供全产能产品。越来越多的产品同时生产,然后被运送到商店(李彩,2009)。当其他品牌都在忙着设计的时候,Zara推出了一款新的产品和设计,他们准备在店里销售这些设计。一旦一个设计获得了成功,因为其他品牌还没有准备好销售,著名的顾客就会来Zara购买。Zara目前的服装价格是原价的85%,行业平均价格是60%到70%。未售出商品占总库存不到10%,而行业平均水平为17 – 205件(Min, 2016)。由于及时的库存和配送系统,Zara创造了一种积极响应的文化,员工们随时准备对所发生的事情迅速采取行动。Zara有能力支付额外的运费和额外的劳动力成本,因为他们可以很容易地适应季节变化和客户的需求(Athukorala, 2010)。


Topic in discussion today is about the unique practice being followed by Zara. Their supply chain activities have a unique standing in the market and cannot be adopted by other fashion brands. This discussion will also take into consideration some key activities and link them with the theoretical frame work discussed in this course. Starting with the background of the company, Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975 and the main idea behind opening this store was to understand the market of merchandise (Aayer and Odeegard, 2008). At Zara speed and responsiveness are the two elements that have their unique standing and charm. Other fashion brands can be better in other aspects but in speed Zara is the best (Black, 2008). Following these practices Zara has opened more than 6100 stores in more than 86 countries including Spain where it was originated (Athukorala, 2010).

Zara main operations are home based and they are also working in the international market. Their main production unit is in Spain. Zara main aim is to work closely with the environment. They have added this point in their mission statement that they want to work in collaboration with the society and want to make eco friendly environment. Main line of products at Zara is clothing of men and women. Main aim for selecting this assignment is to look at the unique practice of Zara and then use this practice for linking it with the culture of the company.

Focus, issue, event and subunit

Zara has an effective and responsive supply chain system that helps in delivering fashionable and trendy goods just in time. This is the reason why just in time inventory management name is given to Zara. The trick is to do majority of the production in house so they have control over production and time (Lopez and Fan, 2009). More than 85% of the production at Zara is carried out by own factories of Zara. Company relies on the designs of headquarters including elements like fabric sourcing, cutting, sewing and other facilities (Male, 2003). Zara is paying good wage rate to their employees and this is the reason why Zara can retain their employees. When a certain design gets attention Zara looks at the design and takes appropriate actions as soon as possible so they can start working on the cut and fabric and send it to the store. Zara has room for extra capacity that helps in responding quickly to the changing demands of customers and then providing them with what they want (Cruz Iglesias, 2013). Zara operates on 4 to 5 working days and then provide full capacity products. More and more products are produced at the same time and then they are transported to the stores (Li Cai, 2009). When other brands are busy doing their designs and fabric Zara comes out with a new product and design and they are ready to sell these designs in the store. Once a design gets famous customers come to Zara for buying it because other brands are not yet ready for selling. Zara is currently getting 85% of its full prices on their clothes and industry average is on 60 to 70% on their clothes. Unsold items account for less than 10% of the total stock as compared with the industry average that is 17 to 205 (Min, 2016). Due to just in time inventory and distribution system Zara has created a culture that is responsive and employees are ready to take a quick action of what happens. Zara has the power to afford extra shipping costs and extra labor costs because they can easily accommodate to the season changes and customer demands (Athukorala, 2010).

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