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Consumers in each location are found to be different. There should be more analysis done to address the gaps in the consumer requirements and the actual deliverable of the company. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the use of information technology in the online grocery store business. This should be addressed by the companies. This is an important challenge that the information technology should face in the current paradigm. Online grocery companies face more challenges than the traditional retail stores and also are considerably different when compared to other e-commerce companies.
There are many successful companies and intense competition that the companies need to face when they decide to open in Australia. To conclude the information technology should be a part of the strategic alliances and management framework of the company. Information technology is only a tool. The companies should have a strategic management policy in place to overcome the issues and convert the limitations into competitive advantage. Hence information technology can be hassle or a functional tool that depends on the management and the strategic decision of the management.
A company such as Amazon Fresh will face its own set of challenges when it decides to deliver products to the Australian customers.
Supermarket giants such as Coles and Woolsworth are already servicing consumers. There is intense competition in the local markets to address the needs. The company needs to have a unique value proposition to address the needs of the pople.
There has been increase in spending in the recent times but the external market fluctuations are causing an impact on the spending habits of the people. The people tend to make cautious choices.
For the meal preferences of the people there is a growing trend of focusing on the natural produce that is fresh. The consumers want a product that is fresh from the markets with less use of chemical products. There is an apprehension about the products that are sold in the online markets regarding the quality and freshness of the food. This apprehension needs to be addressed by the companies. There is a strong senior community who have grown accustomed to the existing practices. The factors of convenience and the quality of the food should be emphasized to the senior population to try the produce that is sold in the websites.


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